Residential Silent Piling

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DWM Plant Limited has recently undertaken two sheet silent piling contracts for prestigious residential developments in the Cheshire area.

Foundation design and construction requirements for underground basements on two separate projects both adja-cent to existing buildings in residential areas resulted in steel sheet piles up to 9.0m long being driven prior to ex-cavation works to achieve the necessary retention of ground required for basement construction within the pro-posed sites. The problem required detailed consideration by DWM Plant Limited, on choice of method of installation in order to provide a safe, practical and cost effective solution given the differing layers of ground strata, consisting of soft clays and saturated medium dense sands.

After undertaking detailed calculated temporary works designs DWM Plant Limited opted to use a RTG/RG16T tele-scopic leader rig and RTG/MB20Z rotary auger attachment, to drill the proposed line of the sheet piles, prior to pitching the piles using the telescopic leader rig. Once piles were pitched a MPU presser unit (set up for ā€˜Uā€™ section piles) was employed to press the piles to final level, operating from the telescopic leader rig the MPU presser sys-tem offered a silent and vibration less technique of installation.